Area Voters Right To Support Romney

Editor, News-Register:

The valley did its job!

I am a member of a local TEA Party and would like to express my gratitude to those who voted against our current president. You may not know this fact, but the current president did not fare very well in our Valley, due in a large part to local people standing up in defense of our Constitution.

The following are the official results in favor of Mitt Romney in local counties. In West Virginia: Hancock 60 percent, Brooke 54 percent, Ohio 60 percent, Marshall 63 percent, and Wetzel 59 percent. In Ohio: Columbiana 55 percent, Jefferson 52 percent, Harrison 56 percent, Belmont 53 percent, and Monroe 53 percent. In Pennsylvania: Greene 58 percent, Washington 56 percent, and Beaver 53 percent. As a matter of fact, every county in West Virginia chose Romney. These results are no surprise, since here in the “Valley” we have common-sense when it comes to the issues affecting our nation. We know that we must maintain a strong national defense.

We know that we must protect our borders from those who would illegally enter our country.

We know that government should not spend more than it can afford or waste our money on programs that are not authorized by the taxpayers.

We know that just because some of our citizens become successful, they should not be forced to pay more than their fair share.

We know that coal powers our country and man-made global warming is a lie. Most especially, we know that life, religious freedom and the right to bear arms, shall not be infringed upon by this government or this president, God willing!

Bob Blinco