Boy Scouts Should Not Change Policy

Editor, News-Register:

Reports indicate that the national leaders of the Boy Scouts are considering changing their longstanding policy against having openly homosexual Scout leaders or Scouts.

This would be a grave mistake. Every American who believes in freedom of thought and religious liberty should be alarmed by the attacks upon the Boy Scouts, who have had core convictions about morality for 100 years. Every Scout takes an oath to keep himself “morally straight.”

The Boy Scouts have every right to include sexual conduct in how they define that term. Many organizations and individuals stood with the Boy Scouts when the Supreme Court of the United States upheld their right to maintain their membership standards. To compromise the safety and moral principles under political and financial pressure would teach boys cowardice, not courage. The proposal to relegate the decision on homosexual leaders to local chartered organizations sends the wrong signal from the national body: that political correctness ultimately triumphs over character. Every parent concerned about guiding and protecting their own children should also be alarmed by the proposed change.

As the Boy Scouts of America (BSA) confirmed as recently as last July, “the vast majority of the parents” of Boy Scouts reserve to themselves the right to introduce and give guidance on sexual topics. The current policy is part of the BSA’s efforts to protect Scouts from sexual abuse.

How will parents be able to entrust their children to the Boy Scouts if they trade the well-being of the boys for corporate dollars? We urge the Boy Scouts of America to make no changes in national membership standards. If you agree with us, call the Boy Scouts at 972-580-2000 and tell them not to change their membership standards or visit for the BSA Board of Directors and other contacts. Thank you and God bless.

BSA Supporters & Former Leader,

Ken & Nancy Williams

St. Clairsville