Database First Step In Confiscating Guns?

Editor, News-Register:

“Universal Background Check” vs. Instant background check.

We hear these words from Nancy Pelosi and other anti-Second Amendment persons and groups. What does it mean? Here are the differences, and a conclusion:

Instant Background Check: When an individual wishes to purchase a firearm, he or she must provide picture proof of identification and fill out a government form. The seller uses that information in order to obtain a computerized instant background check from a government agency. These checks usually only take minutes. The individual’s name and address, with the make, model, model and serial number of firearm being purchased, is maintained by the dealer. The information is accessible to law enforcement.

Universal Background Check (proposed): Basically, the same procedure except the names, address, serial number and all other data is maintained in a federal government database.

The government has but to push a button to begin the confiscation of all firearms except those owned by criminals.

If you read into the history of most dictatorships, you will find that gun registration is the first step to total confiscation. These governments all had varying reasons, telling people “we can protect you.” If you really by into that statement, see me about purchasing the Benwood Bridge.

Incidentally, rumor has it that Ruger firearms is producing a new pistol. It will be called the “The Ruger Senator .45.”

It won’t work and you can’t fire it.

William J. Patsche

St. Clairsville