Look at the Numbers On Firearms Violence

Editor, News-Register:

I am writing in regard to all the commentary regarding gun control or proposed legislation.

I am opposed to more gun control because I don’t believe it will solve the problem of murdering someone or more than one person. I have seen articles in your paper giving various statistics regarding guns and other forms of killing someone. There was an cartoon in your editorial section one Sunday which had a statistic showing more people were killed by a hammer than by an assult weapon. In USA Today I read an article where more people were killed from falling off stools and from migraines than from guns. Between 35,000 and 40,000 people are killed on our highways each year in auto accidents and about 10,000 of those deaths are at the hand of drunk drivers. We still fly in airplanes even though when they crash it usually results in multiple deaths.

We can’t protect everyone from someone who is determined to kill someone or more than one person. Life is a risk! We take risks each day when we leave home to go to work, school, etc. There is always a possibility we may be injured or killed.

I didn’t aim to get into this long commentary about gun control, so please forgive me for digressing. My main goal was to inform you about Sen. Rockefeller. He had a Colt AR-15 in 1994. He still has the weapon. Type in your search box Zack Harold’s article on Jay Rockefeller. My brother saw an article in the paper regarding the senator’s support for banning assult rifles and called Mr. Harold. He told him about the previous article and Zack looked it up while they were talking. He wrote a follow-up on his first article after checking to see if the senator still has the weapon -he still has the weapon.

I am hoping you may use this information to inform your readers about the senator and more information on gun control. I did some calculations regarding the number of deaths from guns compared to the number of people who have guns in this country. The fact is if you divide 80,000,000 by 10,000 you will find (if my calculations are correct) .0125 percent of gun owners kill someone with a gun (and many of the guns used were by criminals who don’t obey the law anyway).

It’s really ridiculous to penalize 99.9875 percent of the responsible gun owners because of a few people. In one article I believe it stated only 329 murders were committed with an assult weapon. Divide 80,000,000 by 326 you will find is (again if my calculations are correct) .0004075 percent. This means 99.99953 percent of gun owners did not commit any murders. You could use cars as another example, in which I believe you would find a higher percentage being killed in this manner.

Sorry to go on so about this but I would like for people to use some reasoning skills regarding this subject. It is not the gun but the person using it. I could go into several other aspects which I believe affect someone who kills people.

I hope you will print the information regarding Sen. Rockefeller – maybe people in West Virginia will let him know if he votes for more gun control he is not representing them. The president didn’t win a county in West Virginia! That in itself should tell Sen. Rockefeller if he votes for anything proposed by the president he is going against the wishes of the majority of West Virginians.

David Evans