Rebuilding America In Several Ways

Editor, News-Register:

There was a time in America that we could trust our neighbors and didn’t have to look over our shoulders to see who wanted to rape or kill us.

We didn’t have to lock our doors and bar the windows – and our children were not killed by going to school. Our families taught us the responsibility of hard work. That is when we had jobs, instead of depending on all and any handouts.

Our parents and grandparents, who believed in Jesus Christ, would read the Bible to us every night. Before we went to bed, we said our prayers and thanked Jesus Christ for all the blessings he gave to each and every one of us. Too bad we lost the faith of Jesus Christ.

With Obama, Reid, Biden and Pelosi – and the newly elected politicians of our congressmen, senators, governors and representatives – I see no change. It is time for them to get a backbone and stop the insanity. Don’t worry about the votes you will lose in the next election. Start to rebuild America and stand up for the people who gave you your jobs.

Get started now!

Suzanne Strain

St. Clairsville