Second Amendment Needs Active Defense

Editor, News-Register:

Open Letter to Senator Manchin:

Once again our nation resounds with the shrill echoes of disparate groups demanding restrictions and regulations on firearms. No matter the volume of past regulations, the answer to the crisis of the moment is always adoption of further limitations on gun ownership.

While loss of life and horrific tragedies are to be deplored, we cannot be blinded to the fact that the hand of man, albeit a deranged man, has brought this grief upon us. It was not the gun, the magazine or the cartridge which, self-motivated, caused the hellish scene at Sandy Hook to befall us. The clamor to restrict or eliminate firearms will only lead the twisted mind to other avenues of destruction of life.

In light of all this we must not let those who call for more restrictions and additional regulations trample our rights reflected in the Second Amendment. Opponents broadcast loudly that they do not wish to take rifles from hunters. This is utter nonsense and diversionary! Our founding fathers did not concern themselves with hunters when they codified this sacred right. They feared the unbridled power of a gluttonous central government which would trample and enslave a defenseless citizenry.

We must not, therefore, allow anyone for any reason to manacle the Second Amendment.

Senator Manchin, you were elected as a United States senator because the people of West Virginia believed you would stand for us and our Constitutional rights. It is not sufficient for you to simply vote against attempts to usurp our rights – you must actively and forcefully oppose those ready to impose onerous restraints on gun ownership. We therefore expect to hear you voice your condemnation of any attempt to restrict Second Amendment rights. If you fail to do this, West Virginians will consider such dereliction as a violation of our trust. You can never again be held in high regard if you fail us in your duty.

We expect from you a vigorous, uncompromised defense of the Second Amendment. Anything short of this is an unforgiveable failure.

Linda Wickstrom