Thanks to Dispatcher, Police, Firefighters

Editor, News-Register:

Thank you to the Wheeling 911 dispatcher, the Wheeling Fire Department and the Wheeling Police Department.

On the early morning of Feb. 6, I was unable to sleep and went to my first floor living room to read. Not long after, I heard a pop, pop, pop noise. I looked out my side living room window and there was a fire next door to us.

I called 911. I could hardly talk and I thought I would collapse. The heat from the fire was already causing windows to break. I was thankful for the 911 dispatcher that he was able to get the information he needed so that he could get us help.

I screamed for my husband and we were able to get out of the house. I was so glad no other member of my family was home at the time. My husband ran to the neighbors, knocking on doors to get them up.

Because of the fast response of the Wheeling Fire Department, our home and the homes of our neighbors were saved. The house where the fire had started had such a head start, it could not be saved. Thankfully, no one was home there, but sadly, some of their pets perished.

We and our neighbors are so grateful to the Wheeling Fire Department.

I was so thankful when the department came into my home and checked to make sure everything was all right. They were nice enough to check my attic when I showed concern. With the help of the department, only siding and windows have to be replaced.

I wanted to thank the Wheeling Police Department for helping with traffic control and when we and our neighbors got too close to the situation, ask us to please move back and away for our safety.

We have relatives and friends that do and have worked for these departments and we have always been very proud of that fact. These departments are very professional and have very well trained personnel. They put their lives on the line for all of us. Thank you from a very grateful resident of Wheeling.

Mrs. Thomas (Mary) Miller