Those responsible for failure in Benghazi must be held responsible

On Sept. 11, 2012, four American heroes died in a terrorist attack on Benghazi in Libya including the ambassador and three Navy SEALs, yet we still don’t know everything that led up to the attack.

For instance, who gave the order not to send more security there even after the ambassador pleaded for months? Even after the attack started and the White House knew about it, they still would not even try to defend the people that were there.

By ignoring them, they essentially murdered them. After the attack and four people were dead, the administration would hardly talk about the events leading up to it.

The only thing they would say is that they have to prevent attacks like Benghazi from ever happening again, which goes without saying.

The problem is that it should have never happened in the first place especially after the ambassador knew he was in imminent danger and e-mailed Washington telling them so, yet they were still ignored and allowed to die.

Can you imagine how the ambassador felt when he asked for help and was denied?

This is a blatant disregard for the health and safety of our ambassador and those around him and should not be forgotten even though the administration wants us to.

I am sure that the families of those that were murdered would not want us to forget about them and would insist on all the answers.

But that is not what they are getting. It has been going on five months and the White House still does want to give the American people all of the answers.

We have to be sure that who ever is responsible ultimately is held accountable no matter who it may be.

We must not forget those heroes in Libya who died for us and not let the administration keep putting it off hoping that we do forget.

Chris Alloway