Do Something About U.S. on Slippery Slope

Editor, News-Register:

What is wrong with America’s brains? Since the Super Bowl, which I personally thought was a very good game (I don’t think we could have a better game), we have jabbered so much on the good and the bad of the evening.

What really bothered me the most was when the children from Newtown sang a beautiful patriotic hymn and then, what do they do? They have two other people sing. What is the matter with this picture? It’s like the children didn’t do enough good for the hymn. It was beautiful how they sang and I’ll bet anyone they sang it seriously and it was with great enthusiasm. Enough, wasn’t it?

Enough said about the singing but I must say how I and loads and loads of other folks really thought halftime was down right terrible. We surely can be more patriotic, specially after singing (those children) such a beautiful hymn.

What the future is going to be like for this, our United States of America (a beautiful country) is something we, the patriotic ones, wonder about, and about what direction the country will take. God is our guide, but I do believe there are many who have drawn away from Him, our great leader. We better turn back while we still can. The slippery slope evidently is not slowing down.

Betty Boyd