Don’t Give Gambling Operators a Break

Editor, News-Register:

Here we go again, the gambling owners are crying that they’re losing money. Most businesses that are losing money either close or file bankruptcy. Also, would somebody explain to me how you can lose something you’ve never had?

You might earn less one year than the last, but you sure don’t lose what you never had. They don’t deserve any break anymore than the average taxpayer who is struggling to keep his head up.

If the state wants to give relief, why don’t they adjust the state income tax, which is one of the worst in the nation? The $2,000 exemption has never been adjusted for inflation since we’ve been paying state income tax.

Our state made a mistake in depending on money from gambling. When it started, if I’m right, we were only to have a lottery drawing, no slots or casinos. I can find five gambling parlors within about a mile of my home. Where will it stop? When we are required to have slots in our bathrooms, so we can pass time while we’re taking care of business?

Oh well, after all this rambling, at least I feel a little better.

Donald Britt