Don’t Let Obama Dictate to States

Editor, News-Register:

I am writing today because of a right given to the people of the United States that is being threatened.

The idea of a sitting president of the nation to have the Supreme Court overturn the majority of a voting public is totally ridiculous.

After reading a column in The Intelligencer, it made me upset to think of the president to step on the toes of voters to move his agenda forward. In California, Prop. 8 was passed by a majority vote, was challenged in the courts, and was still upheld.

Now President Obama is saying to the majority of those who passed the proposition, I don’t care what you voted for, I’m going over your head. This, I feel, is a slap in the face of voters in California.

We need to wake up in this country. First it’s California, then who is next? What else, though, have we expected from a president who has forced his agenda, policies and plans down our throats.

We as a country need to see what is happening in the country and act before it is too late. If he can overstep the rights of a majority of voters in this country, what is to say he won’t do it with our consitutional rights as well.

We need to take a firm stand and let the Supreme Court not be bullied by our president and keep the majority vote of a state just that, a majority.

Also, a note to the president: Please keep a focus where it needs to be such as the terrible economy and lack of jobs and surging debt and where it doesn’t need to be such as worrying about same-sex marriage and social problems that are of no importance right now.

Justin Guglielmotti