Fall on Sidewalk Now Means Surgery

Editor, News-Register:

I’m the woman some 300 or more of you ignored when I fell on the sidewalk the day after Labor Day last year, and if you are one of the people who refused to stop and see if I was even OK, this letter is for you!

It may please you to know the result of that fall is a torn rotator cuff for which I am undergoing surgery, because I did not have health insurance and only recently acquired it through my employer, within the last 30 days.

It is my prayer that God will punish you all in the worst way imaginable, for when you drove past me, God saw you and you actually drove past God. If you don’t believe in God, then you have nothing to worry about, but one day, whether you believe in a Higher Power or not, you will stand in judgment just as I will. I hope you can live with yourself when that happens, and as angry and resentful as I am of those who did not offer assistance I so desperately needed (no one came to my aid despite lying on the sidewalk for five minutes), at the same time I must pray for your sorry souls, that God will have mercy on you that you did not have on me!

This surgery means I will be off work for six to eight weeks and I have no means of paying my bills, but don’t you worry; your needs will be met with noooo problem, for you will simply mistreat somebody else to get what you want.

Mary Poulain