GOP Backs Planning Committee Decision

Editor, News-Register:

Members of the Ohio County Republican Executive Committee agree with the decision of the Wheeling Planning Commission concerning the zone change request for the 95 acres of hillside in Woodsdale.

Denying the zone change was a wise decision. How can an approval be made when no one knows what the project is going to be? Construction of this “mystery project” could cause a lot of problems for the residents such as water runoff and landslides.

As Patrick Cassidy stated during the meeting, “This would distroy the historic ambiance of the Woodsdale area.” We agree.

Too many construction changes have been made to this city already with no positive outcomes. Why do we have to do it again?

We can only keep our fingers crossed and hope that Wheeling City Council members make the same wise decision on April 2.

Sally Wells Ezell

Treasurer, OCREC