Letter Provoked Donation to the NRA

Editor, News-Register,

Another typical liberal, gun-hating letter by Alan Ruben. Just enough information and half truths to make his cause seem justified. No one here cares or believes your liberal garbage. I’m sure you have some people who read and believe your fear mongering.

Personally, I think you should move to California or maybe to New York City with your buddy Bloomberg. I’m sure there are plenty of people who would sympathize with you there.

I’m writing to give you the rest of the story on who the NRA really is. It’s me, a 20-year member who has owned and shot guns since I was 6 years old. It’s my 76-year-old dad, who taught me the right way to care for, handle and respect guns. It’s my brother, both of my brothers-in-law and my 22-year-old nephew, who is an engineering student at WVU and a member of the WVU Rifle Club. It’s my cousin Rich, a major in the Special Forces in the U.S. Army, serving in his second tour of duty in Afghanistan. And yes, it’s George K. Kollitides II, Ronnie Barret and Pete Brownwell. And I am grateful that they are; they have the influences and abilities to fight for our rights.

However, these are only three of many of the NRA Board of Directors. It is also the Honorary Joe M. Albaugh, Oak Hill, Texas, former director of FEMA. It’s Dave Butz, retired all-pro defensive tackle, former NBA star Karl Malone (played for the Utah Jazz and twice on the USA Olympic gold medal team). It’s also Lt. Col. Oliver North, USMC-retired, combat veteran who received the Silver Star, the Bronze Star and two Purple Hearts for wounds in action fighting for our freedom and constitutional rights. Or it’s Ms. Marion P. Hammer, Tallahassee, Fla., inducted into the Florida Women’s Hall of Fame in 2005, and the only woman to be awarded the Roy Rogers 1985 “Man of the Year” Award, just to name a few of the many awards she has received over her lifetime. She is also past president of the NRA.

Another nominee is Sgt. Joaquin Jackson, 27-year veteran of the Texas Rangers (not the baseball team) – retired. Also, Det. Lance Olson, Marengo, Iowa – retired. Deputy Dwight D. Van Horn, Hayden, Idaho, and Congressman Don E. Young, Fort Yukon, Alaska.

The list goes on and on of normal, everyday, law-abiding people who make up the NRA. And its numbers grow everyday. Anyone who hunts, shoots or just owns a gun for personal protection should belong to the NRA. They are out there everyday fighting the Alan Rubens and Obamas and all of the other small-minded people who believe a national gun registry of ballistic finger printing would stop criminals from getting guns. Drugs are illegal, yet look at the problem we have with them.

I used to get upset every time Ruben would write one of his garbage letters or columns, but now I have decided to turn it into a positive thing. Now, I am going to start my own NRA campaign – the Alan Ruben NRA Fundraiser. Everytime we have to endure another gun-hater column or letter, I am going to make another donation to the NRA. After reading the column a few weeks ago, I sent $50. I have also convinced my dad and brother to do the same, even if it’s only $5. Every little bit helps. My brother-in-law was concerned because he only gets $5 a week allowance, but my sister said she would make special allowances for some of Ruben’s “really good” letters. I encourage all who are reading this and agree with me to send at least $5 to the NRA.

And if you think you can outlast me and my donation campaign, you can forget it. Chesapeake Energy told me royalty checks are due out any day, and I couldn’t think of a better way to spend some of that money.

So bring on your useless letters. I and the NRA are looking forward to your next letter/column. And I hope it really burns you to know $50 went to the NRA because of you.

L. Kevin Gribben