Liberal Agenda Is Pursued by Obama

Editor, News-Register:

We, the American taxpayers, have funded over $400 billion in bailouts of banks because of liberal back door welfare policy initiated by Jimmy Carter. A policy that started the recession we are now in, yet the mainstream news media never related to this fact. We now have millions of families who have lost their homes, refinanced them at additional cost to taxpayers, or seen the value of their houses decrease to less than their payments. This is what happens when government thinks they are more effective than the private sector. I can’t think of one example of our government and/or economy where this is true.

There needs to be a comprehensive accounting of the entire stimulus since Barack “Pinocchio” Obama became president. He continually wants more “stimulus spending money.” After he weaseled his way into re-election by utilizing past stimulus money to, in effect, buy votes through political payoffs, he now wants more money that he would use in the same manner while saying we need to rebuild the infrastructure of this country. He is right in the assessment, but it is infuriating to think what nearly $1 trillion of stimulus money could have accomplished for our infrastructure and job market.

This man-child president is the laughing stock of the world, considering his resume before becoming president and the results of his policies since. As a result of this president’s continual contradicting statements, “Pincocchio” has more credibility. Obama continually bypasses any reporter or interviewer who might ask tough questions and, other than FOX News, there has been very little accountability for his administration’s policies. How did we get to a point that a person that is so full of anger for our country is elected as president? He is literally destroying everything for which this great country stands. This president has nullified the sacrifices of our fathers and forefathers. Values both moral and economic have been so degraded that it is unreal. Polls taken after Obama’s State of the Union message show that by a margin of more than 2-1, people are opposed to his policies, yet they “still support him.” This is akin to having lung cancer and continuing to smoke cigarettes. So much for intelligence or common sense.

This president has made it much worse for the lower and middle classes, and he has an inherent twisted hatred for the upper class. If the past presidential election had been based on ability and/or past record of leadership instead of an “in the gutter smear campaign” we could be on the way to reversing the intended degradation of our country by this president. Namely, eliminating Obamacare, restructuring the tax system, getting government off the back of businesses, and dealing with the outrageous debt that Obama and his liberal Democrat party have created. Unions are now finding that they have also been thrown under the bus. It is now clear that tens of millions of people are or will be forced into health care programs that are inferior to those they have now. This is also the reason most employers aren’t hiring any more than they absolutely have to and they’re finding ways to get around Obamacare – like cutting hours for current workers. High unemployment will be the norm until we get rid of this president and reverse his policies. Thank you Mr. President and fellow Democrats for looking out for us. This is another example of redistributing the wealth, not only here but through the Obama foreign policy as well.

The process of sequestration that Obama now rants and raves about was Mr. Obama’s own idea because he wouldn’t compromise when it came to spending cuts. He thought that Republicans would fold and it wouldn’t come to pass. Wrong!

Even if the automatic cuts are enacted, the government will still spend $115 billion more this year than last. Just another example of this administration’s lying and scare tactics. He rules like a dictator and he has the ability to make those who oppose him look like fools. This might be acceptable, if he utilized conservative constitutional policies and actually showed a concern for this country and its people. Instead, because of his twisted mindset, he and the liberal Democratic party have done this country more damage in one term than our Communist enemies during the Cold War.

After listening to Obama’s State of the Union message, it is clear that his No. 1 priority is to regain Democratic control of the House of Representatives (purse strings) to complete the total “change” that he and his liberal supporters desire. Just as Obamacare has been shoved down our throats, you will see the same thing happen with immigration (amnesty), gun control, cap and trade (the funding vehicle for the liberal agenda), and card check (doing away with secret ballots for unions), and the spending and expansion of government. If you will recall, the lion’s share of spending by this administration was accomplished in Obama’s first two years when the Democrats had total control of Congress.

If this thug we have for a president gets total control of Congress once again, the table will be set for a revolution in this country. I respect the office that he holds, but the only people who support this president are the ones who are getting handouts or have a chip on their shoulder. Anyone with an IQ over 50 can see this if they are honest with themselves. As for speaking in this manner about our president and his radical left wing supporters, there is saying, “When in Rome, do as the Romans do.” The Obama administration is all about power and control or every aspect of our lives and the degrading of this country to a position “where we belong.” It is clear from reading his books and studying his radical background connections that he has a mental problem regarding the constitution – which he has sworn to uphold.

Is it any wonder that the majority of American people are depressed and ashamed of what we have become? Our founding fathers must be rolling over in their graves.

Roy E. Schnegg