People are wising up on local gambling

Eight years ago, I wrote to the paper saying don’t vote for table games because once Pennsylvania and Ohio get theirs, Wheeling would be back to square one.

I don’t want to hear that they’re losing money – that’s the business that they chose: you win or lose.

Wheeling Island “Delaware North Corporation” took millions and millions of dollars from the Tri-State Area in eight years of table games and poker machines.

Now that they lost money for the first time, are we supposed to get desperate and cut back, and help those money grabbers?

They ruined their own business. They gave customers free play, free buffets, pizza parties, birthday parties, etc. – now they don’t. People go where the free stuff is; that’s what keeps them coming back.

Is Mr. Jim Simms leaving Wheeling for a better Ohio casino job? Or deserting a sinking ship like a rat?

Wheeling Island casino is doomed – 500 jobs down to 107 in gaming is a great indicator. They also cut jobs because of insurance for employees.

Gambling at Wheeling Island is a no-win situation. You play long enough, they get all the money. People are wising up.

Ariel Klein