Schwertgers’ Work In Africa Is Lauded

Editor, News-Register:

What a blessing to Jacob and Jessica Schwertfeger in Africa working for God and the needy people of that precious country! Isn’t it a blessing to hear such good news from such youngsters! Jessie and Jacob’s mom and dad are great examples for our community here in Wellsburg, W.Va.!

Maybe CNN or MSNBC will pick up on this story! My granddaughter Ami married a minister, Ted Dodd of Wheeling. They are a joy and strength to our hearts. They have three children. Ami and Jacob knew each other from when they were young. I think they were at Brooke High School at the same time.

I remember Jacob’s father running track with my son, Steve. It’s such a ray of sunshine to hear this story. I pray for their blessing as they follow this path. It is the right path, and the only path for all of us to receive the blessings of God.

Thank you, Jacob and Jessie.

Lois White Martino