Social Issues Critical To People of Faith

Editor, News-Register:

I was talking to a friend of mine the other day and we started talking politics. I asked him what he thought about President Obama’s leadership and policies.

I asked him about his immigration policies, and his idea that a $17 trillion deficit was not a major concern of his, for this country.

I asked him what he thought about Obama ignoring the Constitution and making laws that were in violation of the Constitution.

I asked him if he approved of Obama’s order to turn 200 or more illegal immigrants loose, out of prisons, because of the cost of keeping them there.

I asked him about Obama’s stance on gay marriages, two men marrying each other or two women marrying each other and then adopting children to be raised in this type of environment.

I asked him his feelings on abortion, which Obama is in favor of.

After a lengthy discussion on all these stances and issues, he told me that I was too conservative on social issues. I told him I considered social issues just as, or more important than, as other issues.

I asked him this question: “How will you explain to your creator, when you die, why you supported people and their efforts to do things that were against his will, like two men marrying, two women marrying, raising children in homes that are against his will. Taking babies’ lives just because it was an easy way out for the mother?” If you believe in God these social issues are more important than the other issues and if you want to be in Heaven with God and all your family, you will believe as I do and do as God would have you do.

As I said, this was a friend, and after our discussion, I hope he still is.

Bob Strain

St. Clairsville