Some Americans Oppose Pipeline

Editor, News-Register:

I just finished reading the editorial “Obama Should Allow Keystone XL.” The first paragraph says “Perhaps President Barack Obama should worry more about the American people than about radical environmentalist.” I guess if a person doesn’t think the same way as the writer of the editorial, he is not an American.

The second paragraph of the editorial goes on to say, in part, “On Sunday thousands of the bullies marched in Washington …” I guess if you are an American and you protest to show your support for, or your opposition against something, you are a bully.

The editorial goes on to say that the pipeline would have an effect on the prices that Americans pay for gasoline. What the article did not say is if the prices would be higher or lower. Some stories make the point that the Keystone XL pipeline would actually increase the price of gasoline. There is nothing that would force the gas to be sold to the U.S. instead of other countries where a bigger profit could be made.

Some other factors should be considered. In Texas and South Dakota, eminent domain is being used to take the property of American landowners by Canada, which is a foreign country.

I noticed that the fact that a special session by the Nebraska Legislature was called because of the danger to the water for 2,000,000 was not mentioned in this editorial. As a result the pipeline route was changed.

I believe that this editorial is one that does not show many of the facts. The writer of the editorial showed one opinion of the Keystone XL pipeline and I showed another. Reading the editorial I notice that the protesters were called radicals and bullies. It seems that the writer forgot that the protesters were Americans and the first Amendment applies to them.

David H. Miller