Stick to the Facts In Debate Over Guns

Editor, News-Register:

Mr. Ruben should probably stick to medicine, because his venom-laden opinions are almost laughable. We get it. He doesn’t like guns. That’s fine. Don’t buy one, Mr. Ruben. But manufacturing “facts” in every piece he writes is down right insulting.

This week I found out that MidwayUSA is now the “largest manufacturer of high capacity magazines in the United States.” And Brownells is now the “worlds largest manufacturer of firearms parts and accessories, including hollow point bullets and high capacity magazines.” Neither company manufactures anything, but I’m sure that doesn’t fit Mr. Ruben’s agenda.

And now it seems that the evil NRA is even allowing “violent domestic abusers” to keep their firearms. Another one of Mr. Ruben’s lies. Anyone convicted of domestic violence is prohibited from owning firearms. But once again, that little fact wouldn’t fit his hate-filled agenda. Alan Ruben, like most anti-freedom, Constitution-hating, big- government liberals, will say anything, including lies to further their agenda at all costs. The time has come for Mr. Ruben’s dishonesty, fear mongering, and general hatred for the Bill of Rights and lawful gun owners to be called out for what it is.

Dustin Gerdau

Elm Grove