Trucks Should Have Yielded to Ambulance

Editor, News-Register:

Living right on the edge of State Route 88, we have become accustomed to those large vehicles involved in the fracking business, being exempt from speed limit laws, and general courtesy on the road. On Feb. 18 I was a witness to the grossest of road use. About 9:40 a.m., the West Liberty Fire Department’s ambulance was responding to a four-vehicle accident on Route 88.

On Star had related verified injuries at the scene. The ambulance was heading south on 88 just above their quarters, siren and lights on. At this point is a curve that is severe.

As the ambulance entered the curve, again with lights and siren, a pilot truck proceed into the curve and as such was followed by an oversized truck.

The fact is these drivers refused to pass the right of way to the ambulance, causing several seconds of delay. In some instances, at the scene of a car wreck, seconds can be the difference of life and death. I know that these drivers are part of a huge monetary increase for the region, but I really believe it is time for them to realize that they can in fact pay attention to the laws of emergency vehicles. I was really shock and appalled to see this violation being so deliberate. Will these workers ever be brought to the point where traffic laws apply to them? It should be noted of all the vehicles.

Bruce E. Sykes

West Liberty