Welfare Drug Testing Legislation Unfair

Editor, News-Register:

The West Virginia Legislature is considering a bill to test welfare recipients for drug abuse. One need only review events in Florida, which enacted a similar law, to determine the wisdom of putting this bill in the trash. Since its enactment a whopping 2 percent of those applying for benefits failed the test. Florida taxpayers pay the cost of the test for those that pass, which is only fair. The additional costs of administrating the program make this idea a big FAIL.

Additionally, lest we make hypocrites of ourselves, if we are going to insist that people that benefit from taxpayer money be drug free, I suggest that we also test the management of all businesses that receive any form of government subsidy. Add in the governor, the Legislature, state workers, police, firemen, mayors and city councils. And while we are at it any person that buys gasoline, electricity or natural gas as these products are highly subsidized by the taxpayer, indirectly making most everyone a welfare recipient.

David A. Becker