What Other Secrets Are Obama Keeping?

Editor, News-Register:

Another one of Obama’s secrets: He lied about his half brother, who is also a politician in Nairobi, Kenya.

His name is Malik Obama, and he is running for governor’s position in the country’s nationwide election. How many more surprises does the president have up his sleeve? By now, you would think the people would open their eyes and see what a liar he is. If he would keep this from us as he is everything he promised in his election.

We don’t need him in office, so why not impeach him. We need to take back our lives and our government. The White House and senators and Congress need to remember that we the people put them there, and if they don’t work together on this spending cuts, then I say they should take the money from their pockets instead from the people’s because as far as I’m concerned, we should be the ones to run the government, not them.

And they should never ask for a raise because they don’t deserve it. And as for the Second Amendment, that choice belongs to us.

Clarence C. Meyer