Worry About Future Of Our ‘Backyard’

Editor, News-Register:

A new, larger, more aggressive, apparently single-item oriented, apparently single-concern oriented, fox has been put in charge of the very special hen house. This very unusual hen house not only houses the most prized hens on earth, it also happens to house the most prized animals and vegetation on earth, both of which are separated from the hens. Unfortunately, the hens are so naive, tame, helpless, powerless and lacking in knowledge that anyone can do just about anything they want to them, as long as enough chicken feed is made available for the hens in return.

If a few hens come up short on getting enough chicken feed, that ‘s their own problem for lack of aggressiveness.

Sen. Joe Manchin of West Virginia has been appointed chairman of the Senate Energy Committee’s Subcommittee on Public Lands, Forests and Mining. Sounds something like the fox and hen house situation to me.

For years, I’ve though the earth was going to give up by going down the tubes as a result of big industry and such. Now I find out our federal government is involved in the effort as well, encouraging big-time earth resource rapists to do their thing, regardless of environmental or any other harmful effects. So it now appears that we are actually hellbent on giving up by going down a big black hole.

The good news with a black hole is that the pain very short-lived, and lasts a few seconds.

Not to worry, though. Sen. Manchin has an extremely broad, conciliatory, compassionate and cooperative, view of responsibilities for a U.S. senator. Namely, concern for the entire nation and world, not just for West Virginia and what happens to exist in his “backyard.” His statement concerning coal, made after his appointment, totally and unequivocally exemplified his broad concerns: “Under my jurisdiction, at least ‘our’ voices will be heard.”

Who are the extremely limited group of individuals noted as “our” that Sen. Manchin represents? Obviously, it’s not the entire population of West Virginia. Come to think of it, who/what makes up “Joe Manchin?”

James R. Wisalowski