Don’t Limit Savings

Dear Editor:

Once again, I just have to shake my head in disbelief. The president laid out his budget plan and in it he wants to limit the amount of money people save.

It’s our money Mr. President, not yours. The last time I checked and it seems to be an everyday thing anymore, we are a free country. Where do you get off in telling someone who earns their money how much they can save and have in retirement? You are supposed to be a Constitutional lawyer and you put forth this garbage. Maybe you missed some days and need to go back for a refresher course?

We the People don’t want or need a dictator. We need a leader and from what I have seen over the past four plus years, I’m still waiting. One of the not so funny things is that the government has no limit on what it spends and you sit there and want to limit what we don’t spend. That’s rich!

Kurt Speaker