Keep guns out of the hands of the mentally ill

A column in April 23’s Intelligencer by Mona Charen on the Editorial page hit the most obvious nail on the head.

More laws on gun control are a waste of time. Concentrate on the mentally ill.

Just about all mass murders committed have been by the mentally ill who had some kind of access to guns. The nutcase in Connecticut used lawfully obtained guns. The person who shot Mrs. Giffords was not right in his head.

Mental illness is a terrible disease and any one who has it does not realize they are as sick as they are. It is easier to fix a broken arm, or take away guns, than it is to fix the menially ill.

I am not afraid of a background check and I did purchase a gun. This one shoots bullets repeatedly. The one stolen from my home back in 1987 was a limited edition blackpowder gun. That one looked like a .457 Mag and could do harm but there again, these robbers had access to a legal gun.

Crooks and mentally ill – that is where the government needs to concentrate their laws. But it is easier to hide behind useless gun laws that they already have and do not use or make new ones.

Lyda L. Cox