Local Businesses Remembered Fondly

Editor, News-Register:

We wanted to write at the beginning of January but we all know what they say about time flying, etc. etc. We are writing about two Wheeling businesses that closed their doors at the end of December and we just wanted everyone to know about them. Bertha Witsberger operated Elarie Beauty Salon on Eoff Street in Center Wheeling for years. Bertha is a good, kind-hearted individual who went above and beyond for her mostly elderly clients. Her prices were so reasonable because she knew most of her customers lived on fixed incomes.

The other business is Wheeling Optical on 11th and Market Streets, operated by Wayne Dougherty. Wayne, too, is a kind, good-hearted, honest individual, who always went out of his way to help his customers, never charging enough for his glasses.

We just want you both to know that we miss you and wish you much good health, happiness and peace in your retirement years. But, if you decide to open up shop again, please remember to call us! God bless you both!

Patricia A. Templeton

Virginia Bucon

St. Clairsville