Obama’s Agenda Not Good for Americans

Editor, News-Register:

After watching his Inauguration Address and his State of the Union Address, we learn that our president’s second term agenda is just more of his failed policies: more stimulus, gay marriage, gun control, global warming, solar and wind energy.

His first term was nothing but rising unemployment, rising national debt, scams, lies and half-truths. He has made a mockery of the Bible, our Constitution, our democracy and our way of life.

He says we must compromise, but his idea of compromise is for you to agree with him. If you don’t, you are prejudiced. He was elected president, not king. He is only part of our three-part government.

In his second term, he is trying to make up a cabinet of people who may be as radical as he is, or at least “yes” men. I believe this president is trying to impose his imperial rule on this country and is contributing to some of the rise in violence in this country. Look at the violence in Egypt and what President Morsi has done there. Is not what he has done similar to what our president has done?

Also, another very troubling thing to me is that this president thinks he has the authority to use a drone to kill American citizens he deems to be terrorists – overseas now, maybe here later. Is that not how Hitler came to power? Disarm people and send them to the gas chamber?

The only thing more alarming about this president’s arrogance is the stupidity of the Americans for electing him twice. If you voted for this president or didn’t vote, you had better get your head out of the sand, or wherever you have your head, and wake up. It is time for all Americans to support those trying to rein him in before it is too late. If you can’t tell when this president is lying, just watch him – his lips will be moving.

Ralph E. Davis

Lewisville, Ohio