Protect Kids In Our Schools

Editor, News-Register:

To the voters of Buckeye Local: As I sit here tonight I’m angry. The terrorists murdered and injured hundreds of our fellow citizens in Boston.

Whether it’s Sandy Hook, Virginia Tech, or Boston these cowards all have one thing in common: They attack where they know they won’t be challenged! Why don’t they attack police stations? Because the cops will return fire.

I don’t care if you were paddled in the eighth grade, or the coach didn’t play your son, or you didn’t get the job!

Last November the district needed money for buses, books, and building repair and because of you it still does! On May 7 they need money to protect the kids. We have a fine resource officer; he’s a good man but he’s one man for four buildings!

Whatever excuse you use each time the district needs help must be forgotten this time around. Do you really think “it can’t happen here?” Give me a break. Thank God it hasn’t happened yet.

Someone educated you. Or tried to. So buck up and do your duty. Give the district enough money (for at least the next five years) to put a trained-armed officer in each building so the next mentally ill person will be challenged when he tries to shoot kids.

Michael K. Roby

Buckeye Local

School District