Set Myths on Gun Purchasing to Rest

Editor, News Register:

In the recent weeks with all the talk about all the gun legislation that didn’t pass, I am amazed by the sheer lack of knowledge of these laws by the public. First the online sales thing. If you have or had any interaction with any online firearms site (i.e., GunBroker, Bud’s Guns etc.), you will already know one fact. In any purchase of a firearm from any online site such as these, the firearm purchased has to be shipped to an FFL holder for transfer and for your background check. You cannot just purchase a firearm from a site like these and have it shipped directly to you, like everyone wants you to believe. That is against the law. These sites will even prompt you when you go to purchase a firearm from them, what FFL do you want it sent to.

Now, the whole gun show thing. Once again, if you have ever been to one, you already know this. If you purchase a firearm from a FFL dealer, which you have to be to legally sell firearms to the public at a show, they do your background check right there. Now, this is true with long guns. With handguns you can purchase them and your background check will be done there on the spot. If you are not a resident of the state in which the show is taking place, you can purchase a handgun, but you cannot take it with you. It has to be transferred to a FFL holder in the state in which you reside in. In no way shape or form can you leave with that handgun if you’re not a resident of that state. Once your FFL holder in your state takes transfer of that handgun, then they will do your background check there.

These rules and regulations have always been in place, yet the media and politicians want the public to believe that they are not. It’s sad that so many are misinformed or just want to think they know everything about this and base their decisions on this.

If more would open their eyes and put there ignorance and bias aside and actually research the facts and not rely on so much information that is force fed them, more would get accomplished in this great nation.

One thing that I read recently holds so true, yet so many won’t admit that it does: Someone bombs something, the bomber is blamed. A drunk driver kills someone, the driver is blamed. Yet someone uses a firearm in a shooting, the firearm gets blamed. Go figure.

Douglas Hummel