Taking Back the Gift God Gave Americans

Editor, News-Register:

I am not one who will often sympathize. Some would say I am “mean spirited,” perhaps, but I don’t mean to offend anyone by it. I prefer to think I “keep it real.”

I realize we are individuals and have our own way of coping. While I can agree there are plenty of personal problems and concerns to go around that can use our sympathetic prayers, I do not subscribe to the idea that if we are reminded (not from genuine concern) to pray about them, all will go away.

I do however, believe in the power or prayer. Our country (as a whole) has forgotten about God’s offer of protection through living up to His expectations instead of our own desires. He has given us decades to turn back to Him and yet we only choose to do so when our personal problems come to light. His patience has run out.

Our country is collapsing around our feet and we sit and act as though we don’t notice. If Jesus were to walk through our (your) house this very evening I have no doubt it would look worse than the temple did when he ran out the money changers! (I know mine would) He would not be happy! Good grief, people! We need to get involved in the fight to take back this gift God so lavishly blessed us with and quit pampering one another with mind numbing sympathetic coddling. Wake the hell up, America!

Sam Elson

Glen Dale