Teaching Children To Do the Right Thing

Editor, News-Register:

To the people of Steubenville: I know there are good people there, but there are also bad people there. Just as there are good and bad everywhere. There is also no better sheriff in this valley than Sheriff Fred Abdalla. I know he is very fair and honest. Good man. This is the only time I have disagreed with him. These guys are not children. They are young men. They should have been tried as young men, not juveniles.

Everyone in this case should be prosecuted for what was done to this victim. And she is not an “accuser,” as some in the media have said. I wonder if those using that term have daughters and, if this happened to their children, they would call them “accusers” instead of victims.

I can remember when I was in school some 50 years ago. If you were a sports player of any kind, they would get by with anything. That hasn’t changed and it’s more so now because the couches want to win at any costs, no matter who it hurts. These young men have no morals at all. They feel they are entitled to do whatever they want and they feel they are above the law. They don’t care that they have ruined this girl’s life. A lot of this blame belongs to the parents. Instead of teaching them right from wrong, they brought them up on violent videos.

Why didn’t these parents make time to teach them, even If both parents had to work? The parents need to take charge of their offspring, instead of expecting everyone else to do their jobs. It also wouldn’t hurt to teach these boys the 10 commandments, and also that for every crime there will be a punishment.

I want this girl to know I pray for her and her family every night. I thank God for the group Anonymous for stepping up for this girl. Thank you for letting her know she is not alone. Steubenville is not the only town these things are happening in; it’s all over the country. It’s time we got back to the basics; the one true basic is God.

J. Morrell