What About Big Bullies?

Editor, News-Register:

Susan Boyle, the Scottish church worker who rose to fame on “Britain’s Got Talent,” has spoken about being beaten by teachers and taunted for her learning difficulties.

This happens more times than people think. When someone hears the word “bully,” one conjures up a child harassing another child. But what if the bully is a big, big bully such as your child’s teacher, principal or security guard or other school official?

Some children confront this big bully every school day. School officials have laid the groundwork for some of these children being ostracized by their peers. They have lambasted them in front of a multitude of school officials, and countless other infractions. They have singled them out as some children who are at fault for the school as a whole coming up short on scholastic goals. Not the countless other children who fell short, but a few particular children who happen to be slow learners. It is nothing more than character assignation on a child.

Big bullies! Some children have suffered mentally and have anguished over this for some time. The school systems don’t much to teach them math, reading, etc., as some of their IQs drop several grade levels. The school systems answer such charges with investigations from the state. I am sure you know the outcome of someone who investigates themself.

School can be a difficult place for any child but a child with a disability or disadvantage has an uphill struggle. Children should not be harassed, intimidated, or ostracized in front of other children because of school funding issues or falling short of some benchmark.

I urge parents encountering the problem to speak up and shout! Be proactive with your child. Contact the state and federal level, write to you media, whatever it takes to protect your child’s rights.

Jodie Slie