What About Selenium Effect on Our Health?

Editor, Wheeling News-Register:

Subject, March 5 article, “House Committee Votes Weaker EPA Standards.”

West Virginia citizens should not vote candidates into state offices who think the responsibility of the U.S. EPA is to protect the environment of candidates in Charleston from rowdy rabble rousers, who what to change things all the time, or who believe “climate change is a four-week vacation in the Bahamas.” What we vote in, is what we get!

West Virginia state legislators, by all means weaken regulations on selenium. In fact, just throw them out altogether. If one job is created or saved for every 10 people that get seriously ill or die, so what! And who could care less about deformed fish and aquatic life in our streams. Jobs are what politics is all about (except for coal, oil, and natural gas)! Selenium is a byproduct of mountaintop removal coal mining, which no other country in the world has been ignorant enough to approve for their mountains. However, Delegate Justin Marcum and “they” say there is good news: West Virginia is the best geographic location in entire world to enable saturating “fast moving streams” with selenium and get away with it. What is the definition of “fast moving streams” and who are “they,” Delegate Marcum? Also per Delegate Marcum, above all, whatever we do, and heaven forbid, that we ever allow “… a bunch of outsiders coming in telling us how to manage our coal industry.” Three cheers. Go get ’em, Marcum!!!

Apparently I’d be in mortal danger if I visited Delegate Marcum’s Charleston office and expressed any opinion on anything that differed from his. Maybe that summarizes what politicians are for: themselves! To conclude this environmental farce, I’d like to call a spade a spade as the saying goes, and summarize my feelings. I wish you’re the first “to go” from selenium poisoning, Delegate Marcum. Your adamant, close-minded, I don’t care about anyone else attitude, certainly demands you be Alpha No. 1 regarding selenium and all its tremendous capabilities for creating and saving Jobs.

Delegate Marcum and West Virginia state legislators, while doing the job on selenium regulations, why not do things right and nullify all regulations for fracking: water, brine, storage wells, storage ponds, and haulers; as well as for arsenic, DDT, lead, mercury, plutonium, radium, uranium and other toxic elements, chemicals and compounds. There are about 85,000 of them floating around our country, so at least 8 or 10 must have regulations. Just think, tens of thousands, or even millions of jobs would be created or saved worldwide. And if tens of millions of people became seriously ill or died worldwide, no problem: Earth is considerably overpopulated at present. Jobs are all that matter (except for coal, oil, and natural gas – whoops, I forgot methane).

James R. Wisialowski