Background Checks Won’t Stop Violence

Editor, News-Register:

Are Manchin and Toomey losing their minds? I, too, am deeply hurt by the Sandy Hook School shooting. But Joe, don’t use these families as a puppet to get your point across, as I feel you are. My heart is also broken from all the shootings. I feel this is just the beginning, that you will try something later also until you try to get all the guns (except criminals) having them. Do you really think that criminals go to gun shows to buy gins? They will get them no matter what.

Get real, Manchin. Do you really think this will solve the gun problem? No, it won’t. I have an idea: Why don’t you have or ask all the criminals to wear red shirts, and then we can tell them apart from other people. This also is as dumb as your idea. I am sorry I can’t sell you a gun, you have a red shirt. You’ll have to buy yours off the street.

Our government sold guns to drug dealers; send them to jail. What about the guy who stabbed 20 people with a knife? Do we ban knives too? We also do background checks here where I live at gun shows. So what are you talking about? Do you think we just pass guns around at gun shows? We don’t. Cars kill, planes kill, knives kill, baseball bats, hammers, rope, where does it end?

More background checks are not going to do it. Come back to Earth, Joe and smell the roses. If you want more publicity, bring jobs to the valley, or go after the police who are corrupt or the ATF agent who beat on his wife and tore up her car and swept it under the carpet.

This is still a free country isn’t it? Well is it? Leave my guns alone. Finally, Congratulations to Amanda Wakim for knowing how to read. But this will not keep guns out of criminals’ hands.

Dennis Stocke