Democrat Presidents Measurably Better

Editor, News-Register:

For many years, the Republican Party has promoted itself as the party of fiscal responsibility and prosperity, when in actuality, much of their political rhetoric is contradicted by documented facts.

I would like to cite a number of revelations, which I had found among many others while reading the insightful and thought-provoking book entitled, “Presimetrics: What the Facts Tell Us About How the Presidents Measure Up on the Issues We Care About,” by Mike Kimel and Michael E. Kanell, in which the accomplishments of presidential administrations are compared and evaluated.

Such provocative fact include that during the previous 50 years:

1. Approximately 5 percent of the time under a Democratic president, whereas approximately 25 percent of the time of Republican presidents, the country has been in national recession, with the least amount of time in recession under President Clinton and the highest percentage under Republican Presidents Nixon and Ford.

2. Annual change in our nation’s deficit as a percentage of gross domestic product has declined under Democrats (largest under Clinton) and increased under Republicans (largest under George W. Bush).

3. Annualized growth of debt as a percentage of gross domestic product has decreased under Democrats (largest under Kennedy and Johnson) and increased under Republicans (largest under Reagan).

4. Annualized growth in employment to population ratio increased under the Democrats (largest under Carter) and decreased under the Republicans (largest under George W. Bush).

5. Annualized growth in “real” gross domestic product has increased at a significantly higher rate under the Democrats (largest under Kennedy and Johnson) and actually decreased under Republicans George Herbert Walker Bush and George W. Bush.

6. Annualized growth in health care costs as a percentage of our gross domestic product has been a nearly double increase under Republicans (largest under George Herbert Walker Bush) over Democratic presidents (lowest percentage of increase under Clinton).

As you see, political rhetoric does not always agree with the facts and at times may be totally contradictory.

Richard Hord

Martins Ferry