End ‘Fracking’ Throughout the World

Editor, News-Register:

On March 9, The Intelligencer informed us that Nobel Energy was cited for spilling over 2,000 barrels of frack wastewater into a tributary of Big Wheeling Creek. An employee left a valve opened, which allowed possibly radioactive materials into the environment. In October 2012, Chesapeake Appalachia pled guilty to violating the Clean Water Act by burying a waterfall in Wetzel County. In Youngstown, an employee of Hardrock Excavating LLC has been accused of dumping frack waste in storm sewers on numerous occasions, which also had the potential of being radioactive. Moreover, in Youngstown, a fracking waste injection well seems to have caused earthquakes. There was a large well pad fire on April 9 in Brooke County. Two people were killed stemming from an April 12 Tyler County explosion. On April 15 a frack water line only 200 yards east of my house malfunctioned, and the water poured down the street and into the stream that runs through my property. Fortunately, the frack chemicals had not been added to the water.

Frackers have not demonstrated that their technology is safe. Now the same frack gestapo, Greenhunter, has proposed storing their toxic waste dangerously close to Wheeling’s water supply and recreational area, the Ohio River. Frackanostra has proposed to move the radioactive materials by barge so it can be disposed of at a site where millions of gallons of chemically contaminated water will be injected into the ground, where we hope it will not migrate into aquifers.

And by the way, if it takes at least a couple million gallons of water to do a frack, and each well can be fracked three times and there are thousands of wells, where is all of this toxic water going to go? So we are being threatened with genocide to keep the Asians warm during their winters? That seems like artificially creating a low supply so we will not have cheaper home heating costs; and, since frack gas can be turned into car fuel, the punitive gas prices will not come down.

We gave the frackers a chance to prove themselves, and all I have seen is looting. The frackers can go back to the campgrounds they came from and let us have the Ohio Valley back. Fracking needs to end all around the world.

Mark Eddy