Fewer Promises, More Action Needed

Editor, News-Register:

I am so sick and tired of watching TV and reading the paper when all there is is threats by terrorists and school killings. Where in the hell is our security and the laws to stop this insanity?

Obama tells you people that will believe all the lies he tells. Obama talks a good talk, but does nothing about the crisis we’re in. If Obama’s talk was as good as his lines of lies, America would not be in the crisis we are in.

Obama is all talk and no action. Obama said he would find out who, what, where and why the attack in Bengazi and killing of children in Newtown, Conn. and now the terrorists attack in Boston. Obama says that if ever the people responsible for all the killings are found, he will prosecute to the limit. Well, so far no one has been charged or prosecuted for the acts. Another Obama Lie.

Suzanne Strain

St. Clairsville