How sad we have become as a society

Driving is part of my job in home health care and during a work day I may have to stop for a sheep or cow in the road, trucks or others taking more of the road than they should and pedestrians walking out between cars.

I am not a world-class driver, but I try to be aware of where I am and be defensive. But (Monday) someone really was ignorant.

Around 10:40 a.m. across from St. Michael’s parking lot on Route 40 someone hit a black-and-white, medium-sized dog and left it in the middle of the road on the yellow lines. I thought it was garbage until I got closer then I realized it was a dog.

The older couple in front of me, who had New Mexico plates, saw and stopped as I did also.

Whoever did this continued on their way. Surely with all that traffic someone had to see it.

The older gentleman and I were able to get this poor animal off the road with cars whizzing by, praying we would not get hit also.

The owner was there and apparently the dog had somehow gotten out of their fenced yard.

Tragic, but more so that the person did not stop and neither did anyone else. It took a person visiting the area and a nurse.

My question is: What if it was a child or one of the elderly? As a society are we so full of ourselves that we are so important as we talk on our cell phones and hurry to our destinations that nothing matters except us?

Who cares about school zones, using turn signals or going the speed limit and who cares about someone’s beloved pet?

How sad we have become.

Brenda Sampson