Music Trip Brings Praise

Editor, News-Register:

I recently returned from a school trip as a chaperone to Clyde High School and Cedar Point in Sandusky, Ohio, for a music and choral competition with 120 Triadelphia Middle School students, four teachers and 39 dedicated parents other than myself. In no way is this an easy task; feeding and looking after that many kids can be trying, however, these kids make the trip enjoyable because of their cooperation and manners.

Mrs. Joyce Jingle, Mr. Ben Podolski, Mr. David Alfred and a new teacher, Mr. Rihn, are by far the best at what they do. They care for our children, and go above and beyond to see that they succeed in music and chorus. We received high honors and first place in all four categories that we participated in: Chorus, Jazz Band, Wind and Strings.

Parents, if your children went on this trip the weekend of May 17-19, you would have witnessed firsthand as I did the best behaved teens that I have ever seen. We always hear about the negative and troubled youth. I just wanted to let Ohio County parents know that you should be proud of your kids and what they have learned at Triadelphia Middle. The next time you see one of the four teachers that I mentioned, thank them, because they are as truly dedicated as you can get.

Mark Sharpsky