Schools Are Praised

Editor, News-Register:

A few days ago I read a letter to the editor, about a student being bullied in school by the faculty. This made me very upset because that faculty goes above and beyond to protect all the students within the school each and every day. I know this because I am a parent of children who attend this school. They provide a safe and positive environment that allows students to grow into responsible boys and girls.

I know for fact that this school and its staff do everything possible to create well-rounded individuals, by improving academics, discussing social and emotional awareness, and developing interpersonal skills. I know I can count on the schools in Ohio County and my children’s teachers, resource officers, counselors, and administrators. False claims to target a school because you don’t like their answers from your false accusations are wrong.

It is a shame that things like the recent letter makes the newspaper, instead of the countless positives. I praise our schools for all they do, including educating the young minds, raising money for those in need, discouraging negative behavior, building positive attitudes, paying electric bills for those in extreme financial crisis, buying food to help feed students and their families when needed, providing transportation when needed, putting clothes on children that have little at home, and providing positive comments when some never get to hear it at home.

These are just a few things our schools do beyond academics. I thank you. We thank you! Some people need to thank our teachers and administrators more often; they deserve it. Ohio County schools have been at the top for a long time and there is a reason. It is sad when one parent completely twists everything around to do harm when in fact they are the one(s) doing harm. Look in the mirror and ask yourself what you are teaching your child!

Kenneth Adams