Stop Unfair Plan by EPA

Editor, News-Register:

We at the West Virginia Roundtable recognize and appreciate the ardent support offered by our state’s political leadership for our energy industries. However, the energy debate in Washington continues on and West Virginia faces a new threat: EPA’s proposed greenhouse gas New Source Performance Standards (NSPS) for new fossil fuel based generating facilities.

The new standards being proposed by EPA under the Clean Air Act will effectively end construction of new coal-fired power plants. This regulation requires that all future plants using fossil fuels meet a threshold the most modern, efficient, coal boiler cannot even meet. If implemented, the NSPS regulation will stifle promising new technology for cleaner-burning coal and put an end to upgrades to existing plants to improve efficiency and facilitate more electricity.

What this regulatory policy may end up achieving is the further erosion of our employment base in the mining and electrical generation industries, as well as higher consumer electric rates and an end to new manufacturing and construction jobs.

For these reasons, we applaud our political leaders for remaining vigilant in their efforts to encourage the EPA and the president to create differentiated standards based on fuel type and to establish supercritical coal generation technology as the performance standard for new coal-based electricity. Sen. Manchin is leading efforts in the Senate, Gov. Tomblin at the state level and our congressional delegation, including Congressman McKinley, are leading efforts in the House to stop these devastating regulations being imposed on the coal industry. They need our support in this important fight.

Paul Arbogast

West Virginia Roundtable