Students: Consider Ohio U. Eastern

Editor, News-Register:

In response to The Intelligencer article of April 25 regarding Ohio’s public universities, I, as an Ohio University Eastern (bachelor’s degree holder) and a Ohio University, Athens (master’s degree holder) in addition to being a current second-year doctoral candidate, would like to remind the Ohio Valley in general and the soon to be graduating high school seniors not to overlook Ohio University in St. Clairsville.

No matter how many years it takes, you’ll never regret the quality education you will receive.

The college faculty are superior instructors, the friendly courteous support staff is above the best. The curriculum offered is unbeatable. Ohio University’s Eastern Campus is extremely beautiful and well tended by its grounds keepers. The students are privileged to enjoy a comfortable, modern, and aesthetic interior atmosphere within a reachable radius. The camaraderie and amenities are beyond compare.

If you’re looking for a university that’s affordable, nearby, and offers your career goals, don’t look any further than Ohio University Eastern. You’ll be glad you did. I am Ill!!!!!!

Bettie Jo (BJ) Mellott


1994 OU Eastern

and 1996 OU Athens graduate