Compassion Lacking on Immunizations

Editor, News-Register:

I attended the West Virginia Legislature meeting on Thursday at West Virginia Northern Community College, regarding exemptions for children who are allergic to certain immunization shots. Dr. Mercer spoke for around 45 minutes about the general state rules regarding such exemptions. His presentation, with slides, was barely audible.

Sitting by a member of the legislature committee, I was told only members of the committee could ask questions. But then some doctor from West Virginia University was allowed to speak, who made no sense at all, mentioning autism that had no relevance to the topic at hand. I asked the legislator why this doctor was allowed to speak; he had no answer.

Then Becky Nau spoke on what Dr. Mercer put her son through because he was allergic to egg and milk products. Even though her doctor wrote documentation that stated her son could get very sick or even die, Dr. Mercer, who is allowed by the interpretive rule implemented by the Department of Health and Human Resources without legislative approval, would not give her son an immunization exemption. Becky Nau did her homework and finally was able to get her son a temporary exemption. She went through extreme motherly distress, while Dr. Mercer had her son removed from school for six weeks before it was overturned.

Mrs. Nau’s presentation was well received and applauded by those in attendance at the hearing.

As for what Dr. Mercer put the Nau family through, I am reminded of what the U.S. Secretary of Health did; she denied an innocent 10-year-old girl the lungs of an adult. I wonder if these two children were Dr. Mercer’s or Secretary Sebelius’ – would they have made the same decision? You decide.

Dr. Mercer – You never even met the innocent Nau boy who did nothing wrong.

Where is your compassion?

Bill Welker