Democracy Has Failed

Editor, News-Register:

There was an article in the paper the other day about the reaction by the extremists to Margaret Thatcher’s death. The article did not go far enough. I say what we have is the failure of democracy.

For years the right dominated policy, voting, and ruling. They decreed that the royalty, the business class, and rich, have the power, the land, and the rights. The uneducated working masses had to be subdued and worked to death. Their health care was nonexistent. Their wages were sub-existent. Their living conditions were deplorable.

Along come the liberals with their ideas and ideals to improve the lot for the working masses. They were right. Their implementation was the problem. First thing we do is get them registered to vote. At first that was impossible as voting was restricted to land owners. The hardest fight was to get parliament to give the right to vote to a person for being a citizen of the realm. To the elite, that was appalling and galling. After years of fighting they relented and gave the uneducated masses of citizenry the vote.

This led to the election of representatives that pushed for more and more and more for the masses. Their working conditions improved along with their living conditions. Next there came acts to improve the quality of foods. Step by step they demanded equality with the rich, royal, and elite. They lived the life of luxury and so demands came and came from the masses. Universal health care came and then began the long lines at the hospitals for an appointment of any kind. Then came the dole and workers received money for nuthin’. After decades we had generations that had lived on the dole.

Factories moved elsewhere as they could find no workers. The demands for more and more dole and universal care came and came without regard to cost or the damage that unending demands had done to society. The whole system was on the verge of collapse.

Then comes Maggie Thatcher and the conservatives to clean it up and force at least a semblance of reality upon the system. They finished far too short.

The problem is with the vote and democracy is that if you get enough votes, you can push through legislation that will bankrupt the country, as has happened in England, Greece, Italy, Spain, Argentina, Portugal and others. You cannot spend and spend unendingly to supply a band-aid fix to a serious problem. An unending box of band-aids will not fix the problem. What is needed is a serious cost benefit analysis upon each suggestion and bill. That is not done. That is never done. We simply pass bills.

The United States is now headed toward bankruptcy at light-speed. The cost of ill-conceived helpful legislation foisted upon our business and citizenry in the problem. Each and every piece of legislation is like straws on the camel’s back. It will soon break from the insanity.

Democracy has given the masses the power and they are using it, as Obama says, in revenge. The rich and elite have only themselves to blame. The robber barons amassed unending fortunes while the masses worked to death building their wealth. They built the railroads, businesses and industries. Societal clubs of the elite conspired to keep leadership and business positions away from outsiders of any kind, promoting their own at any cost irregardless. The information was slow to get out to the public but when it finally did, they erupted in such a furor and volcanic feeling towards the power elite and ruling classes that is was quite easy for the liberal movement to gain force and eventually overthrow the elite. The icing on the cake was the loss of Romney in 2012 in spite of all of the devastating, bankrupting regulations and legislation. It is complete.

We are now ruled by an administration that is the absolute epitome of the dole. Illegal immigrants pour across the border with the news that “Obama take care of me.” We will have millions upon millions that expect money for nothing and health care for free. I expect that soon the Obama Regime will want the vote and get it for illegal aliens. This is what will elect Hillary Clinton to dance her way to the White House while diplomats die. Republicans will lose because they can never offer something for nothing to ignorant, unworking masses. Marco Rubio could offer a job for every unemployed person and they would vote him down. They don’t want to work. Why should they when they can vote for people that will give them money for nothing and health care for free?

Those that work hard for a living will have to wait for another revolution, I guess. This one has failed and is about to collapse. Democracy has failed. Our businesses will soon grind to a halt under the weight of unending regulations and taxes. There is only insanity in Washington DC. Too bad!

Michelle Petri