Dr. Jeffrey Shultz Earns Patients’ Praise

Editor, News-Register:

I would like to take this opportunity to invite the former patients of Dr. Jeffrey Shultz to join me in thanking him for his commitment to our continued care and to wish him well in his much deserved retirement.

When I moved to Wheeling in 1999, I had been recently diagnosed with Type I diabetes. While I had been educated in giving myself multiple daily insulin injections and testing my blood sugar, it was Dr. Schultz who inspired me and provided the tools for me to gain more control over my chronic disease.

When I decided to have a baby in 2003, it was Dr. Shultz who assured me that if I was disciplined, I could have a healthy, natural childbirth experience. Throughout my pregnancy, he worked closely with my gynecologist to make sure this happened. And when I was in labor, Martha and Deanna (the medical professionals who maintained his office) came to visit me. His encouragement and congratulatory remarks came by way of a phone call because he happened to be out of town.

When I questioned the usefulness and simplicity of an insulin pump, it was Dr. Shultz who convinced me that it was the best option for diabetes control. He was right.

And for the last seven years, we have worked together tweaking this little machine so that is helps me maintain optimal control.

When I called his office from a cruise ship in San Diego, Deanna called in a prescription of insulin to the local Walgreens. And when I ran out of test strips for a new glucose meter, she was the first to find me a sample to tie me over until the mail order pharmacy shipped my order.

I know that any one of Dr. Shultz’s other patients could share similar stories.

While endocrinologists treat a variety ailments, most (including Dr. Shultz) spend much of their day with folks who have diabetes. We are a motley crew: sometimes in denial, often “noncompliant,” but always in need of competent and compassionate medical professionals.

I know that the respect and gratefulness I have for Dr. Shultz is shared by the unknown number of patients who have been under his care over the past 40 years and I sincerely hope that he continues to be an inspiration to others pursuing careers in the field of medicine.

Leslie Liedel