Fish Creek Residents Upset With ‘Mayhem’

Editor, News-Register:

Contrary to what some people say, Fish Creek in Marshall County is not a recreation area and everyone is not welcome, especially those who act as they did this Memorial Day weekend. This situation has been getting worse over the past five years. They were the most discourteous and disrespectful people I’ve ever witnessed.

The ATV people would run people off the road and 60 percent to 70 percent of those driving or passengers were drinking from open containers – I don’t mean Coke or Pepsi. They were throwing their trash wherever they choose.

Men and women would stop and “relieve” themselves in the middle of the road in mixed company. If you notice I didn’t say “ladies.” They also couldn’t read posted signs or speed limits.

I saw underage children driving on the road on trail bikes as well as four wheelers. Some of these people didn’t know where the road was. They liked to drive in the farmers’ meadows and corn fields.

Whetstone Run is another matter. If a timber company, pipeline company, drilling company and even a farmer would do a small fraction of damage to the environment that is done and has been done in Whetstone, which runs into Fish Creek, then into the Ohio River, etc., between the EPA, DEP, DNR, Water Resources and the Forestry Services, they wouldn’t just fine them, they would put them in jail.

The majority of permanent residents of Fish Creek have had enough.

If this was a construction job or factory, this mess would have been shut down by OSHA a long time ago due to the accidents and injuries involved. This is not going to become the “Sturgis” of West Virginia. They shut “Blackwater” down. Do the same for Fish Creek.

One thing I don’t understand is why the land owners even permit this mayhem to take place. It’s all private land.

I do want to thank the State Police and Sheriff’s Department for what they did and tried to do.

Frank E. Pethtel

Glen Easton