Get Nation’s Priorities Straight

Editor, News-Register:

As a result of our nation’s lawmakers’ continued inability and unwillingness to pass a legitimate long-term budget, in order to prevent a shutdown of our federal government a back-up plan, known as sequestration, which includes draconian funding cuts to a myriad of federal programs and initiatives, most of which will inordinately adversely impact the working poor and our neediest citizens, has been adopted.

Thus far, sequestration has largely met with the approval of Republicans, inspiring Republican speaker of the House of Representatives John A. Boehner of Ohio to state that in the aforementioned action that “we (Republicans) get about 95 percent of what we wanted.”

Programs and initiatives that have been targeted for unprecedented funding cuts include (but are not restricted to) public housing, special education, Head Start, soup kitchens, food pantries, meals-on-wheels, homeless prevention, food stamps, the Federal Emergency Management Agency, etc.

Cuts under sequestration have been primarily and inordinately targeted at programs that been created and are in existence to assist the working poor and the most needy of our citizens.

Why is it not considered most troubling and immoral to place the lion’s share of the responsibilities to put our nation’s fiscal house in order almost exclusively on the backs of our most vulnerable citizens?

The art of compromise has, until recently, been an essential aspect of American government.

Our very Constitution is a product of the art of compromise on the highest level.

When did negotiation and compromise become anathema in American government?

It has been been prophetically stated that: “No superpower remains super who lets their people go hungry.”

Perhaps it is now the time for Republicans legislators to return what is best for our great country as their priority and return partisan politics to a lesser level or prioritization.

Richard Hord

Martins Ferry