Glad Obama Won’t Be Involved

Editor, News-Register

Regarding May 23, 2013, article “House OKs GOP Bill to Speedup (XL) Pipeline.” The bill means that big holdup President Obama will have no involvement in decision regarding Canadian XL Pipeline construction. It will follow a 1,700 mile path through midsection of America. (We gotcha United States. You can’t resist a few more jobs and a few more bucks.) I was extremely and overwhelmingly relieved to learn that because President Obama will not be involved, everything related to the construction will not undergo any environmental reviews whatsoever. Boy, now that’s what I call progress of the supreme form, especially in 2013 with our divine, heavenly environment.

Perhaps the federal government should be shut down for several days or weeks or months or whatever it will take: with exception of those big time Republican politicians in Congress. Most or all of them can apparently walk on water, as well as never do anything at all: just ask one. After a partial shutdown, the GOOP (oh I mean GOP) will have a completely free and unencumbered opportunity to take care of their absolute highest priority and most pressing situations that ever existed in our country.

Namely, (besides XL pipeline), the IRS affair, the Benghazi affair, the currently unknown affair and whatever else is on their back burners or front burners. Plus not to forget, Obama’s country of birth, his federally funded all out war against the NRA, his possible connection to the mafia, his suspected membership in the Nazi party, and the fact he’s probably a Taliban sympathizer!

Then, after the GOP thoroughly stomps on and beats all of these situations to death and beyond, regardless (hopefully) of what the outcomes may be, we will all finally be able to sleep soundly, peacefully, with no bad dreams!

James R. Wisialowski