Help Campaign To Restore Cemetery

Editor, News-Register:

My husband and I had a wonderful experience recently, taking the Civil War Era tour of Mount Wood Cemetery presented by the Friends of Wheeling. The costumed actors were great, very entertaining and informative about the characters they were portraying.

Some portrayed people buried in the cemetery and others were daughters or wives of historic people buried in the Mount Wood cemetery.

This was a perfect experience for both of us, as we were history majors in college.

There is an effort by the Friends of Wheeling to raise money to restore the Mount Wood Cemetery, as it has been horribly damaged by vandalism. One has to wonder what kind of person gets pleasure out of toppling monuments to people buried in a cemetery, but unfortunately, those people will probably never be caught.

Hopefully there will be support for restoring the dignity of those buried there by restoring their monuments.

We hope to take part in future tours like this one, as it was very informative and enjoyable.

Many thanks and kudos to those who portrayed the civil war era persons, and all who put this tour together. It was very much appreciated!

Teresa Dunkin